A Mysterious Fool

A Mysterious Fool




This is the Borneo Bay Cat, one of the rarest wild cat breeds in the world.  Endangered, forest-dwelling, and about the size of a house cat, it’s population is facing a projected decline of more than 20% by 2020 due to habitat loss.

I never thought I’d see photos of them on my dash!

Dude looks pissed off about it to. =o

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silver-of-the-west: been a while since I put together a screenshot showcase! Blame it on the next gen betas that are holding my gaming attention hostage :P


This showcase will cover three of my favorite mods: a follower, a weapon, and a player home. All three are relatively lore-friendly imo, so they should fit into your skyrim experience nicely. 

First up is Meara from Yukikaze. She’s an elven follower with faint blue warpaint. Her starting weapon is a dagger, but she’s also good with a bow. A nice companion for stealth types. The armor in the screenshots is the Unclaimed Delivery set, which also comes with its own weapons. 

Secondly is a sword called The Purifier. Odd names aside, this is one of the prettiest weapons I’ve seen. It’s deadly, craftable, menacing, and shiny. Comes in both 1H and 2H under the Daedric category. The lass holding the weapon is wanakoworks's fabulous Miria the Seeker. Someone take her away from me she is way too photogenic.  

Lastly is one of my most favorite player homes of all time. It is the Thief Player Home in Riften Canal. Simple, effective, and beautiful, this home has many features, all readily accessible thanks to its compact size. There is a vault to store and mount all your valuable relics and artifacts, a secret hatch leading directly to the Ragged Flagon, properly named storage, and stations for all your crafting needs. The permanent home for my current Dovahkiin, and that’s saying something considering I’ve bounced between player homes for the past 3 months, never staying anywhere. 


Well that’s all folks. My 3-mod feature sort of turned into a 5-mod didn’t it? Hopefully you’ve seen something you like. I can’t recommend these mods enough. 


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